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Yeah.... 12-18-06 15:19
So right now my friend is pissed at me for not inviting her to something, but I don't know what. She just left me this random message saying that she was. So I have to talk to her about that, but lately we've been getting distant. We used to be best friends along with this other girl and then she changed schools. Now it seems like I don't even know her anymore. She dyed her hair blond and started hanging out with people that are totally fake and annoying. She talks to us as if she was above us and is totally different.

But every once in a while, she comes back to her senses. She calls us and starts being her true self again and she's hurt when she finds out that the other friend and I have been hanging out and totally gotten close. We used to ask her everytime we were going to the mall or something if she wanted to come and she'd say no because she was hanging out with her other friends. Eventually we stopped asking her and now we have to hide the fact that we went somewhere without her. I feel bad, but then again I don't.

I dont' know.
Hello, 12-18-06 15:02
Hello my name is allkindsoftime. I'm New to elowel.